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The 2015 Toyota Prius personified

How can a car be generous? Critics refer to vehicles as having "generous cargo space" or "generous premium materials," but what does "generous" in that context really mean? A car doesn't owe you anything, and even so, it's a car. A car can't be generous because it's not a living, breathing thing, right? Maybe we're taking this too far.

However, if any car were to be nearly human, nearly capable…

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Keep Under Control in the Toyota RAV4

The Dynamic Torque-Control AWD system found in your new 2015 Toyota RAV4 isn't just a fancy-sounding name. It's also great for being used whenever road conditions are less than ideal and you need all the grip on the road that you can get. Click play on the video below to learn a little bit more about this great AWD system, then head over to our Hartford, CT Toyota dealership to learn more.


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More Space Means More Fun in the Toyota Corolla

When it comes to a smaller commuter car like the new 2015 Toyota Corolla, having extra space might not seem like a big deal. But when you find out your Corolla can be used for much more than just your daily commute. Press the play button to watch this funny take on a car's interior space, then make your way over to our Hartford, CT Toyota dealership to see that the new Corolla is…

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Toyota leaves its mark at the IIHS site this year!

Safety isn't something we take lightly here at Hartford Toyota Superstore, which is why we're pleased to announce that Toyota did an amazing job at the 2015 IIHS safety tests! True, the cars were smashed and bashed, but engineers and scientists got a chance to look at how drivers and passengers would be protected, which, in this case, was very well!

To take a look at these safe and award-winning Top Safety Pick…

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Introducing the 2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota would like to introduce us all to the future of automobiles, the Toyota Mirai. Since 1997 Toyota has been known for paving the way in sustainability and renewable energy. Whenever we think of what the future may bring we know that Toyota will be leading with a new innovative model. That's the case with the 2016 Toyota Mirai, take a look below. 

If you're concerned with sustainability than the Mirai is the?

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The 2015 Toyota Tundra Has Some Serious Towing Capacity

Here at Hartford Toyota Superstore we have always been big fans of the Toyota Tundra. This vehicle is tough and can take on basically anything. It can take you anywhere you need to go, while towing and hauling whatever you need to bring with you. In the video below you can see a pretty good example of one thing you could tow in your Tundra. Check it out.

The 2015 Tundra has an available 5?

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Do Something Daring in the 2015 Toyota Camry

Here at Hartford Toyota Superstore, the 2015 Toyota Camry is one of our favorite models right now. It has been redesigned to have a bolder sportier look, with changes to the hood lines, front fascia, and grille. This is the perfect vehicle for any driver who is not afraid to be bold.

The driver in this video took boldness to a whole other level when he used his Camry to facilitate an unforgettable adventure.


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We Love the Toyota C-HR Concept

We've seen the teaser videos that Toyota has been releasing. They show us just a peek at their crossover concept. But now that the Paris Motor Show is Underway, we've seen the C-HR concept in its entirety, and we really like what we see. Take a look.

Here at Hartford Toyota Superstore we absolutely love the way this vehicle looks. The color is unique and the design is imaginative and bold. We are…

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Toyota Prius is the Ulimtate Cool Car

The Plummer family knows how to achieve a high level of "cool," and they kindly show us in this week's Toyota Prius Portraits. Let's meet the coolest family on the block, the Plummers, and see how the 2014 Toyota Prius fits their lifestyle.

The Plummers love rock and roll, motorcycles, tattoos, and their Toyota Prius'. They're breaking down the perception that "cool" kids don't drive cars that get 51 mpg city…

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Toyota CCO Participates in Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Research

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a big hit on Facebook. Everyone has seen videos of their friends pouring cold water on their own heads to show their support for ALS research and to encourage others to donate. It's a great cause and the videos are fun to watch.

Toyota has decided to participate in this challenge as well. In this video, we get to see CCO of Toyota North America, Julie Hamp talk about?

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